Hey! Welcome to the Blog!

So we are the new kids on the block I guess and we are sitting here crossing our fingers that people are gonna love what we have to offer. So if you have checked out our about us page you are already up to date with who we are and what we are trying to do and thanks for the interest.

If you want to follow us on our journey, you are in the right place. Here we will talk about our future plans, our friends, family and business partners.

Lets get to it.

So, this site is brand new (that was a learning curve). We have sourced, cleaned, pressed and photographed all of our stock, built the website and uploaded as you can see!

Have to admit, we are pretty proud, considering we have three young kids hanging off us and no babysitters. Covid, obviously. It’s really starting to feel like this could be our new full time job. I (Jack) used to fix helicopters and planes. I was even fixing Boris Johnsons jet! But I was recently made redundant. Covid, obviously. But I’m considering it a new door and its given me the opportunity to re-shape my profession. I always wanted to be doing something where I felt I was helping the world a little. I feel like this is it. Who knows, maybe if this thing grows i’ll be able to offset some bad practice that exists in fast fashion. My own little bit.

Right now, we can’t POP UP anywhere due to the lockdown but we are working on locations and possibilities around cheltenham as I type! If you have any bright ideas or know some people that would love to collab we would love to hear from you and thanks for dropping in. It’s a sunny winter Saturday, hope you’ve got your second hand mitts on, enjoying a fresh walk around Pittville park with a coffee in tow.

all for now,


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