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Vintage Jackets & Coats

It’s that time of year again.. I know, where did it go? Don’t stress if you lost last years winter wardrobe, papa’s got a brand new bag. Check out these vintage gems we handpicked for you this winter.

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Measurements have been provided in the descriptions for your convenience. Remember these are all second hand/sustainable fashion so any defects will be in the descriptions too. (Some of these have been hanging around for over 40 years!)

There is so many different styles and cuts of jacket/coat sometimes it can be a little dizzying and can get expensive if you don’t have an idea as to what jacket to buy. Why not check out our simple style guide for advice on what cuts we think match and styling ideas.

if you do find a jacket you love here why not build an outfit around it by grabbing some extras from our other categories.

As each of these jackets/coats are pretty much one of a kind, we keep a variety of styles in stock. Keep checking in as our stock is constantly rotating.